• Glittering Galas
  • Thrilling Opening Nights
  • Red Carpet Premieres
  • Literary Launches
  • Charity Benefits
  • Birthday Celebrations

These are elements of the high life that defined the ‘70s New York (also the ‘80s and ‘90s) in a world we yearn to remember. This was the era of joy when the Smart Set and Blue Bloods, the Trendsetters and Tastemakers, the Leading Lights and Beautiful People sparkled at the twilight of a century. Those Were The Days we savor as we stroll down Memory Lane with these vintage party pictures. Remember how we liked to party, to dance and drink the night away in that exciting bygone era. If you’re feeling nostalgic, do the time travel and gaze through this window on the past to relive the memorable moments of those pulsating days.  Of course, the ‘70s was also a difficult decade with its energy crisis and gas lines, the winding down of an unpopular war, and the birth of  modern terrorism. But we choose to celebrate the good times and happy memories through the power of photography.

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