Join Tim Boxer to explore the cultural  landscape of
The greatest city in the world at the close of a century.
Embrace the journey and relive those glamorous moments
As we enshrine the stars of days gone by.

“Those were the days my friend
We thought they’d never end
We’d sing and dance forever and a day”
—Gene Raskin


The Camera and Eye

AS assistant and ghost writer for the New York Post’s celebrity columnist Earl Wilson for two decades, and later as the paper’s television columnist, I interviewed and photographed the stars at Broadway opening night parties, film premieres, charity galas and even at their homes. Images of these trendsetters and boldface types that I made in the latter part of the twentieth century are here constantly before my eyes.

I recall the sexy Sixties, with the raging Vietnam War, the civil rights movement in full bloom, the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, Woodstock Music Festival, color television, even the hapless New York Mets winning the World Series and the overwhelming sense of flower power that fueled constant milestones of cultural change in our society.

I remember the unchecked hedonism of the New York Seventies. It was a time of America’s energy crisis with long gas lines and the winding down of an unpopular war. We were immersed in a decadent counterculture of wacky fashion, swinging sex, glam rock and disco music with friends and icons addicted and rehabbed. People were afraid to walk in the streets teeming with open-air drug markets and rampant crime, homeless encampments and abandoned buildings. It was a dark city that even Washington turned its back on. The Daily News 1975 front-page headline said it all: “Ford to City: Drop Dead.”

In the eye of the camera, I preferred to focus on the positive, leaving the negative hanging in the darkroom.

It’s been an extraordinary journey in a transformative time of my life. The individuals who crossed my path left an indelible impression on my mind which I preserved on film.

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